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Things Happen.

Are you looking for a new career?
Or just a way to make extra money?
Want to choose the hours you want to work?
Want to earn money by helping others?

A Little More Info.....

Our agency is currently focused on two different sectors, Property and Casualty (personal and commercial) and Life. 

Property and Casualty insurance- is the umbrella name for a variety of policies that cover an individual’s or business’ assets (“property”) and/or protect them from liability/lawsuits (“casualty”).

A Property & Casualty license enables you to sell auto, home, and business insurance policies to individuals and businesses. You can choose to work as an independent agent or to work with an established insurance agency. 

Life insurance- generally, the license allows you authority to transact insurance products providing coverage on human lives including benefits of endowment and annuities, and may include benefits in the event of death or dismemberment by accident and benefits for disability income.

Click here to see the AWESOME team (Exertus) we're working with. Some great info you can read and watch.

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