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A.M. Insurance Agency - the leading provider of insurance services tailored to your budget.

About Our Agency


In 2009, Sergio Cahuantzi, the owner and founder of A.M. Insurance Agency, started his agency with the goal giving his clients the excellent service he would want for himself. He understood many agencies were focusing in sales, commisions, and advertising; as a result, leaving out what was most important, the client's interest. Being a victim himself of these greedy agencies, he chose to make it his mission to focus on the clients interest, and treat every client like family.


A.M. Insurance Agency provides tailored insurance at an affordable price. Our agency started dedicating its focus on serving all of Ventura County, but has now extended to all of California. Why A.M. Insurance Agency shines on top of the pyramid? Simple, because its an Army Veteran owned agency and it follows the same core values and ethics instilled by the military. We provide our clients with the highest quality of service, integrity, and professionalism. 


We understand that there is a lot to know about insurance, so many details, and when buying you want to make sure your buying what you need. This is why we focus on educating every client when purchasing insurance. Our agency's goal provide the best deal at an affordable cost. In order to maximize your savings potential, we have connected with dozens of insurers to make sure you are getting the best deal available. Our goal does not stop in the savings, we make sure we educate you on every coverage available and why it can benefit you. 


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Sergio Cahuantzi, Owner

El Agente Para La Gente - The Peoples Agent

Agent Owner and Army Veteran with over a decade of successful experience in the insurance industry. After serving the military and a college degree, he spearheaded a booming career as a sales manager. After a couple years of being productive in sales he moved into finance and helped his group into a prosperous growth, getting him to the top in management. With the absence of really helping the public he took the interest in the insurance industry, but not working for someone else's rules, his.  A strong believer in the power of positve thinking and always willing to help anyone, he got licensed and opened his own office in 2009. Since then, A.M. Insurance Agency has been triumphant in helping thousands of families receive exceptional service and education. 

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